Monday, October 12, 2009

Lyari should not be treated like Waziristan: Nadia Gabol

Sindh Minister for Human Rights Nadia Gabol has said Lyari Town needs development works instead of an operation and it should not be treated like Waziristan.
Talking to various delegations of Lyari at her office, she said all commitments were made with people of Lyari should soon be fulfilled.
She said jobless youths and people would also be given jobs in order to curb unrest persisting in the area. Lyari is the oldest town amongst all 18 towns of the metropolis, Nadia Qabol noted.
The minister stated that two percent of elite class has deprived 98 per cent people belonging to poor and middle classes from their rights. She said if poor people do not come foward to attain their rights, they would not get rid of the slavery. However, she said downtrodden people should combat themselves for their legal rights.
The government, she said, is fulfilling its obligation by initiating various development projects in Lyari Town worth millions of rupees besides building infrastructure, installations of streetlights and laying sewerage lines, which would facilitate local people.
She appealed to Sindh Chief Minister and Sindh Governor to take prompt notice for establishing peace in Lyari.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two cops among 4 killed in Lyari firing

Four people were shot dead including two policemen in firing between police and criminal gangs in Lyari Kalakot area of Karachi on Sunday. Armed men attacked the police with hand grenades and killed four people among two policemen. Police recovered heavy weapons from criminals’ possession. Police also captured large quantity of weapons during raid at a godown in the locality.
Police conducted raid at a godown on a tip-off, during which criminals lobbed a hand grenade and opened firing at the police party, leaving two cops dead on the spot. Firing is still continued between the police and criminals, echoing the area with the sound of heavy firing. Armored carriers and Rangers contingents have reached in the area to assist the police. Police have seized a light machinegun, seven Kalashnikovs, two repeaters, two pistols, a grenade, eight walkie-talkies and hundreds of bullets from the godown. A bus was burnt at Rashid Mihas road by unknown men.